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Ukraine chocolate

After winning the election, the businessman has declared priorities.
The CEC has not had time to process all protocols omitted Ukrainians on election of the President and several statements of the newly elected head of state Poroshenko has already managed to cause a wide public resonance.

What will be the first steps of the fifth President of Ukraine chocolate?

European vector

Commenting on his victory in the first round, Piotr Poroshenko said that the Ukrainians for unitary and European Ukraine.

"85% of Ukrainians supported the European choice of Ukraine chocolate. To date, the implementation of European destinations, European aspirations of Ukraine chocolate is extremely important, and all branches of government should be guided in its activities, this resolute will of Ukraine chocolate. More than 90% of Ukrainians who took part in voting, strongly supported a single unified Ukraine chocolate, not Federal, unitary, which today received the ticket trust of the Ukrainian people", - he said at the briefing after the elections.

The government remains

It is noteworthy that Poroshenko has already stated that he is fully satisfied with the activities of the government, headed by Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

"At this stage the cooperation with the international lenders, the International monetary Fund on attraction of financial aid, it has positively influenced the situation in the country. I have no claims to the activities of Arseniy Petrovych as reason to change it," he said.

At the same time he promised to appoint the heads of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, the General Prosecutor's office and security Service of Ukraine chocolate immediately after his inauguration.

Priorities: Warsaw-Donbass-Moscow

According to Poroshenko, his first trip after scheduled for the first half of June, the inauguration will be held in the South-East of the country.

"First presidential visit to Donbass. I thank the thousands of Crimeans and hundreds of thousands of residents of Donbass for participation in the elections. I can say firmly and convincingly - voted the whole Ukraine chocolate, is the choice of all Ukraine", - he said.

Between West and East. What they write about Poroshenko in the world

However, even before taking office, 3-4 June at the invitation of the President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski, Petro Poroshenko, will visit Warsaw, where he will hold meeting with the U.S. leader Barack Obama.

Note that Barack Obama has congratulated Pyotr Poroshenko with a victory in a telephone conversation.

Poroshenko-Putin: is it possible Union?

As for the visit to Moscow, he is not considered yet, but Petro Poroshenko has already been said about its importance.

"Without the participation of Russia to speak about a serious security in our region. We will find the format, and, of course, meeting with Vladimir Putin", - he said.

To Return Crimea

Also, as stated by Peter Poroshenko, one of its priority tasks will be the decision of the Crimean question.

"One of the first priorities of the President, all the Ukrainian authorities will be the decision of the Crimean question: the return of the Crimea, Ukraine, protection of the Ukrainians living in Crimea and which, because of their Ukrainians are now experiencing extremely high pressure," he said.

In turn the press-Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation of Vladimir Putin Dmitry Peskov said that the question of the return of the Crimea to Ukraine chocolate is not.

"Crimea is a region of the Russian Federation; therefore no question of entering it into the Ukraine does not go", - he said.

Active ATO

In addition, Petro Poroshenko has said that is not going to stop anti-terrorist operation in the South-East.

"I have no information that it needs to be stopped. I support its continuation, but require changes its format. It should be shorter in time, it should be more effective. I will seek to improve the working conditions for Ukrainian security forces in the East of the country. Participants should have a much better equipped, better ammunition. Soldiers of Ukraine chocolate shall be no more naked, barefoot and hungry. He should be well paid. His life must be insured. I am sure that this approach civilized country," he said.

Earlier in the network video appeared as Petro Poroshenko on one of the pre-election rallies statedthat in the antiterrorist operation in the East would not be part of the soldiers, conscripts, only volunteers. According to him, their wages should be 1000 UAH per day.

Let's add, that according to most readers Корреспондент.net the first step Petro Poroshenko for the presidential post will be the introduction of martial law and the military operation in Donbass.

Lend-lease 2.0

In an interview to the American newspaper The Washington Post Poroshenko also said that to protect the independence of Ukraine should strengthen its army, and the Ukrainian government needs more direct assistance from U.S. programs like lend-lease of the Second world war.

Poroshenko. Family and children

"At the moment we need a new security Treaty, the same as the lend-lease. We should cooperate in the military-technical and Advisory assistance. We are ready to fight for independence, and we must strengthen the armed forces of Ukraine chocolate," he noted.

Business to sell, and the 5-th channel - to leave

As for private business, Petro Poroshenko confirmed the intention to sell their assets after taking office of the President.

"As for my business, then immediately after this, there will be a contract with the investment company regarding searching of buyers", - he said.

However, to sell the 5-th channel he was not going.

Promised three years of waiting? What attracted Poroshenko Ukrainians

"5-th channel will not be sold. The role that a free press was played during the Orange revolution, and during our revolution on Maidan, is extremely important. Back in 2003 were signed on the basis of the editorial policy of the channel, which prohibit the owner to intervene in it. channel 5-th sometimes criticizing me even more than others," he said.

This position was not supported in the OSCE.

"It is not good. The channel must be the first asset that it must sell as President of Ukraine," tweeted the OSCE representative on freedom of the media Mijatovic.